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sports compression sleeve

Nu Bandage is a Sports Compression sleeve that assists you with support, mobility & recovery by applying compression, during activities. This unique material is designed to articulate and conforms to your body.

Nu Bandage’s unique material makes it easy to put on and easy to take off. Simply roll the bandage up to the desired area, then roll it down when you’re done. Our multipurpose bandage can be used on legs or arms. One size fits most people 250 pounds or less. Nu Bandage comes in both solid and vented material that’s hand washable. The product has a 30-day, money-back guarantee.



Our product was designed to assist you during, demanding activities. By bringing you added support and comfort when you need it most.



Our state of the art technology provides targeted compression to weakened joints. Assisting you to move in a seamless way.   




Nu Bandage is great for recovery by adding additional compression and conforming to your body acting like an exoskeleton. Allowing the joints to heal faster by removing additional stress. 


NU BANDAGE”  Technical data sheet.

Test results performed by:

Manufacturing Solutions Center

301  Conover  Station S.E.

Conover, NC 28613


Ref.# TS 121040

Description: Plastic / Rubber Bandage

Medium Compression 12.1 - 14.5  mmHg. Testing circumference range 35.56 cm

Product #.

NB-2"x 10" -  VMC  -  Vented Medium Compression

NB-2"x 10" -  SMC  -  Solid Medium Compression

How is Medium Compression most commonly used?

Medium compression is needed for a slightly more stability and pressure for healthy Individuals and my help minimize swelling and offer tissue, muscle and joint support, and is an excellent strategy for wound care when moderate pressure is needed.

High Compression 27.1 - 37.9  mmHg. Testing circumference range 35.56 cm

Product #.

NB-2"x 10" -  VHC  -  Vented High Compression  

How is High Compression most commonly used?

High Compression is for individuals that are healthy strong and need that High performance and additional support and pressure associated with stress injuries where high compression comes into play to support  muscles and joints,  and for that high impact performance athletes, and is an excellent strategy for wound care,  and trauma when high compression is needed.