The Most Advanced Medical Bandage Proven to Protect, Support and Assist in the Acceleration of Wound Healing.

Nu Bandage holds dressings and medical devices in place without the use of sticky tapes, messy adhesives and clumsy fasteners.

How Nu Bandage Works

Additionally, Nu Bandage remains securely in place wherever it is applied. It’s unique feature of “Fast roll-up or down” for quick and painless access to the wound or burn area for dressing management. Nu Bandage comes in three compression strengths, low, medium and high, in two sizes, 2”x 5” and 2” x 10” and in a solid or vented (fenestrated) option. The compression feature is ideal for managing patients with chronic venous disease and or with lymphedema.

Nu Bandage, has developed a line of dressings that fit a need no other product on the market does!
— Karen Lou Kennedy - RN, FNP, APRN-BC

Wound and Burn Care with Dr. Baratta

Joint support, comfort and recovery.

The compression benefit also aids in relieving tired and aching extremities.