Why would you use the { Vented } ?

The Vented is use best for air-flow and Moisture control and expelling edema or swelling.


Why would you use the { solid }?

The Solid is used best for warming up muscles and tendons and expelling edema or swelling.


What is Nu Bandage made of ?

Nu BANDAGE is made of FDA Approved Thermal Plastic Elastomers  ( TPE ) Patent pending formula.


How is Nu BANDAGE made ?

Nu Bandage is made in the USA with a Patent Pending mold injection manufacturing process.


How long Can I expect Nu BANDAGE to last ?

Depending on individual use, how long it is use per day and how long it is stretched, average Life expectancy 3 to 6 months.


How long can I wear Nu BANDAGE ?

You can wear Nu BANDAGE as long as it feels comfortable and there is no skin redness irritation, and

check the skin periodically for any allergic reactions.


Can I wear Nu BANDAGE at night ?

Use caution when wearing Nu BANDAGE at night it may roll down or up depending on Individual use and may restrict blood flow.


Nu BANDAGE Benefits:

No Tape, No fasteners, No Velcro, No Buckles, No Brackets, No pressure points, No blood flow restrictions, No bruising, No Trauma.


Nu  BANDAGE Advantages:

Easy to apply,  Easy to remove,  Easy to clean,  Non-absorbent,  Reusable,  Lightweight, Versatile .